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Yantai Ocean Biology Co., Ltd

Address:Office 2#, 6 floor, Legacy Tower, Kohinoor City, Faisalabad.​​
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Company profile

Yantai Ocean Biology Co., Ltd. is one of the major domestic enterprises with advanced technology in the seaweed industry in China. It is well-equipped with advanced craft.We are specialzed in sodium alginate,carrageenan,propylene glycol alginate,agar,mannitol,iodine etc.,which are widely used in the field of textile dyeing&printing,food and pharmacy. There is a complete system of marketing and service in our company. The products are exported to more than eighty countries in Europe,Africa,East Asia and Southeast Asia etc.Also the products are widely used in domestic market and enjoy high reputation.
The products are of high purity and organics used in textile, pharmacy, food and fertilizer etc.,which are extracted from seaweeds. Manin products series are sodium alginate, mannitol, iodine, sorbitol, carrageenan,propylene glycol alginate, jelly powder,agar agar,konjac and other mixed powder.